When and Where?

went out there today and rode it all the way we are going to take burned around 1/2 tank of gas also found out that there is alot of shallow water so you don't have to run in the canal but a few times some of the trailes have curvey paths most of the riding is out in the sun a couple of the spots we will stop are shadey and a coulpe are in driect sun light it took me around 2 1/2 hrs non stop to make the trip. I have 4 place to stop planed and the last of the trailes are up in the cypress trees so we will be in and out of shade

The ride sounds awesome! Is there anywhere all the boats could stop to have a picnic type lunch?


As my eyesight fades so does my memory! What did you ask me?!

yes we will stop about 3/4 of the way around at bulldozer cabins lots of shade and parking.. also bring some wasp spray there are quite a few there. did you by chance paint the other side of the sign so it can be seen from both driections