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Where are the new hangouts in Kissimmee Chain?


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I've been in Iraq now for the past 2 years as a Marine Corps. contractor and recently bought a new airboat while home on leave. I couldn't wait to get out to B.S. Hill and see all of the other airboaters! But, when I got there at about 8 PM on a Saturday night there was no one but me and the crickets. What happened? Is there a new hangout somewhere? I felt like a kid that just arrived home from school only to find out that my family had moved and left no forwarding address!
Welcome to the group Frog.

You must have hit it at the wrong moment. Maybe something else going on?

I'm not up to speed on everysingle hangout, but there are lots of places.

South of Camp Mack:
AfAm Ridge. ;)
Picnic tables
Tiger Creek
Milk Bus
29 Palms
Polluted waters
And a bunch more I'm sure I'm leaving out.

North of Camp Mack:
Drasada Oaks
Yacht Club
BS Hill
and a bunch more.

Looks like you're just gonna have to get out there and ride it some more!!! :D :D :D

There is a map of the area which is based on aerial photos. So even if something is not labled, if you have a sharp eye you can see a white sand beach or something and check it out.

I'm not sure if Danny Brantley or Junior Jurnigan have any more of those maps for sale. If not, click the link below. We'll work on getting you one. If you are overseas, it may be difficult, but not impossible.

not alot of people down this weekend. My bubby was down and only pass 4 boats all day
Thanks for the suggestions, Moodfood. I'll be home again sometime around the end of March or beginning of April. Maybe there'll be more people out at that time. It wasn't a complete let down. I went all the way back to port hatchineha on the west side of the lake, back up behind the Bullrush, spotlighting deer. And believe me, that beats the heck out of being over here spotlighting "Iwackis"!
It doesn't seem that as many folks gather at B. S. hill like they used to. In fact it doesn't seem that as many folks run at night as they used to. The BUS is still a good bet fro a daytime gathering, polluted waters, But I would say the overall numbers are down significantly. Next time your home post it on here and some will hook up with you or make a run just for you and your buddies of you would like.
FrogNuts !

Hahahah you guys are one of my Distant Ends there at Al Assad ! We run the hub here at Al Udeid for your Satcom folks.

IM bringin it in from the cold myself mid January. BEen here 4+ years now.

Lookin to poke a mess of frogs soon.

Let us know when your get back this Spring. Would love to meet ya and ride some.

We mostly hang at the bus, and miles point now. But we always stop at the hill as well. Its sure not always packed like it use to be though!
Hey Whitebear, Thanks for what ya'll do over there in Qatar. Without you we'd have no comms from this dust bowl of a camp. Are you demobing in January? I'll be flying out of Baghdad on 13 April (Friday the 13th!) for a 23 day leave. I don't know about you, but when I get back to Florida I just want to kiss the grass and hug the trees! I even look forward to mowing my lawn just so I can smell it again. I'd love to schedule a time to meet somewhere and go blow boatin' with you and all of the other guys on here. Maybe we could grill some hamburgers and hotdogs and invite whoever wants to come. The more, the merrier!

I'm demobilizing myself. 4 years is enough for now. Time to go home and play for a while and decompress.

The mission goes on without me but in capable hands of those I have been allowed to hand pick so your coms will continiue with no change.

I got a big smoker grill so maybe we can smoke up some pig when ya get back. Always ready to go boatin, certainly need no excuse there.

My email is listed here as is Yahoo and ICQ so Im not hard to find. When yer ready Ill give ya my phone number and we can have some fun.

That would be great Predator0470 and Olf Art. Gives me something to look forward to over here. I haven't been on a good ride for 5 long years.