Where to buy gear, reduction box or belt drive

New to the Airboat looking for your induction box or belt drive near Bradenton, Florida what is better gear, reduction box or belt drive I have a 383 stroker what is a round 425 hp and what size reduction box to go with
Gear box is about half the weight of belt drive. Gear boxes are a little bit more noisy at idle. Belts can break and leave you stranded. Really is preference on which one people run. Need to know more about your 383 and prop you want to run to give advice on ratio.
One other difference between a gearbox (right-hand rotation) and a beltbox (left-hand rotation)

Better know more about the motor but in general you see that motor with 2.37, 2.55 or 2.68:1
with props from 3 blade props 76" to 82".

I had a cammed 6.0 that about the same HP I ran a 2.68 with a 79.5" 3 blade R. Change the 2.68 for a 2.55 to get a little more tip speed from my short prop.

Gearbox - 65-80lbs
Ox Box
Torque drive

Beltbox - Century 125lbs

All have had their problems at one time or another.

Oxbox has a greater gear oil capacity and is slightly longer. They are making a of parts in house. Oxbox also awesome customer service
I have run 2 different stinger drives one had bearing issues, one ran with no issues
My 1st gearbox was a precision 2:1 It was loud at idle sounds like rocks in a metal box, I was the 4th owner of the box that I knew of and it was still running prefect when I sold it.

one caution is that the rear mounts locations very different for a beltbox to gearbox height-wise and then most of the gearboxes are slightly different in width. Ox box has 2 sets of mounting hole locations - one based on stinger and one based on rotator.

Good luck