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Where to camp after the races?


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Its a long ride home anybody campin overnight after the races? Im probably bringin the tent and maybe the generator. Might even "ROUGH IT" with the old window shaker thats how I roll. Don't know the area so I'm gonna play it by ear.
Any suggestions?
I never heard the details in the other thread. I was away for a couple days - Did I miss the details? I got some PM's about it, but nothing about the when and where.

Laura and I are wanting to plan a camping trip too.



The races are called off ! In Jan. when the effort to legalize this event was started the coast guard was contacted to get a permit. They said it was under 4 feet to contact the game com.So from their every hoop in the world was jumped through to get it legal and do the right thing. A inch worth of paper work later it was a success.Then a new game capt. in the area that just came in to power. Came forward yesterday an said we needed a coast gaurd permit . It takes 120 days to get a permit. The feeling is airboats are not the capt. favorite thing.So for liability reasons we can not race.We all need to form a LLC. and get it insured and have shares in it. So we are one body. Or something?Try to do it the right way.
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As with every massive bureaucracy our government has thrust on us. Down to pulling a permit to install a mail box. Yes look into that and you will be surprised! It's best to ask for forgiveness then to ask for permission! Anyway can anybody verify that the races in two weeks have been canceled?
They are canceled.No one is holding private races so we get it legal on public waters and it still goes sour .They are going to try something in the future . Got to come up with a comprehensive plan.We have a small fortune in our boats and can't run them nowhere .Seems like if the right people build a private venue it would make some money and more importantly be alot of fun!Racing gets people exited about airboating.