Where to Ride?

Where to Ride/Meet Next?

  • Kissimmee Chain Again

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  • St. Johns River - US192 & Ride North

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  • St. Johns River - US520 (Lone Cabbabe) & Ride South

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  • Let's go somewhere else

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Here are some suggestions that came out of the Chat Room on Tuesday night.

If you vote for somewhere else, please post your idea. Maybe I can add it the poll.

Before, I vote. Where are those pictures you have in your gallery Rick. I think they say possum bluff or something. Is that north of 192 or south of lone cabbage?

Possum Bluff is south of 528 (Beachline) and north of 520 (Lone Cabbage) I believe. I'd like to do a ride in that area sometime. I've been thru there in my kicker boat, but not on an airboat.

I think the poll above sets our next two rides, and it could be a good idea to go ahead and line both of them up so we all can plan. We can always modify the plan.

The only things keeping me from jumping on the bandwagon for Kissimmee/Thomas Landing are: Has anyone checked to see if there is any conflicting event that day out there? And is the road an issue for a toy drive?

Matt, I/m leaving today to go to Thomas Landing's and I will find out if we can hold the toy drive at her place for Dec. 3/4th and report back on monday....
There is a get together/ride with one of the new Airboat Clubs on Nov. 5th on Lockloosa. see ABW calendar for more details...something to consider.
Lake Panasoffkee does not have much ride territory itself - BUT, the very closeby outfall canal river "Flats" are spectacular. That woulkd be a great ride. Maybe we could even visit Mz. Trudy.
put in at the oulet river at panasoffkee and go down the river. you will be impressed at all the riding you have. the flats are the best now that the water is up. nothing but pure "old florida" still there.
All right Rick. The 2 votes that is for Lone Cabbage south needs to go to 192 north. LOL We staked out some riding territory last night. We dropped in at Lake Washington, it is very easy to find with lots of parking, play ground, and restrooms and you can unload dry or you can use the ramps. I think there is 2 but there may be 3. Anyway, we went north last night and it is some great riding. We went with someone who is a great expert on north and he is willing to be the guide. He suggests riding north to Lone Cabbage and having lunch and riding back. He said gas should not be a problem. But the place we launch at is very accessible to media and just lots of room there. There is also a place where there are picnic tables with a cover and a bar-b-que grill. I will go out there tomorrow and take pictures for you all. So, you guys let me know and I will see what I can do here. But I think that is a great idea and as of right now it is 10 to 8. We need to get this set so we can start promoting and have a better turn out with the toys.
the first weekend in dec is the ABATE toy run. it is a 5,000 motorcycle toy run done here in brevard the press is going to be ready to cover any toy related event the actual run is in sunday If we do ours on saturday we should be able to piggyback some how with this event also the lone cabbage will be geared up for this. I put in at the lone cabbage yesterday and ran north there are some good dry large spots with grills for camping and grillin if we run south over half of the run will be open lake and river running ( from the cabbage to the oakhead) I do not hold enough gas to make it to 192 and back . I vote to put in at the cabbage and run north we can eat at the lone cabbage or grill and or camp !!! with easy access for everone including the press. I can check and see if the band is playin saturday night as the camp site is only about a 10 minute ride away
I like the idea of collecting donations at a commercial establishment as opposed to a parking lot. It makes it much easier to invite the general public to join with us in donating and we don't have to stow and lock up everything before going on the run.

So, are we closer to a decision on a location?

I'm undecided about Kissimmee or St. Johns. Both are nice & both are places i"ll ride again - group or no group.

The ride from Lone Cabbage then north is not on the voting poll above, but I like that idea.

I'm looking forward to an early Feb. ride in south Florida. And out in Citrus County is good too for some future ride.

Let's go to Lone Cabbage for December, and Kissimmee after Christmas.

Hey Croc, I did not say we were going to ride all the way from 192. I said that we can put in at Lake Washington which is a heck of alot closer north. They need to just take the 192 off the poll and make it Lake Washington North. As far as open waters, when we went out Friday night and yes we hit a couple spots where we had to go into the lake but 90% of the riding we did was in trails. So no it was not all in open waters. The thing is Lake Kissimmee is like all open waters with a few trails. Another thing about going north of Lone Cabbage all boats have to have mufflers and not all these boats have mufflers. Something to think about. But you guys do what you want I was just making a suggestion because I really liked the riding and all the sites there were to see the other night. It is a good idea to keep it that weekend because of the ABATE toy run because the press will be ready.

Matt, this "parking lot" is huge and it has a covered area with lots of picnic tables if we needed to use them. We could set up the base there so it is not like it is in the weather or anything like that. It is under cover. But I think we would have to lock it up no matter where we went.
Dakota":1vjeurc6 said:
Another thing about going north of Lone Cabbage all boats have to have mufflers and not all these boats have mufflers.

As far as I know, Orange County does not have 'the' muffler ordinance. Seminole County does. So that means that north of Loughman (or so) you need a muffler. It is a long LONG ride from Lone Cabbage to Loughman.

Everyone here that has airboats has told us as well as several of our friends who do not have mufflers that they should not go north of 520 because they require mufflers. And as far as I know it is still Brevard County at Lone Cabbage a little ways north. But I know we have also talked to Florida game and they said that as well.
As far as going north of Lone Cabbage you guys might as well run the same weekend they are having the thing on the 26th with Diamond back.

So you guys figure it out, I was trying to help and try to get us to go somewhere some of us have not been. The other night was a first for us as well and we will be going back. The only thing I was trying to say was we could start at Lake Washington where the media could have great access and if they wanted to meet us at Lone Cabbage they could.

Again, I was trying to help but evidentally it is not going to work. I know I would like to go somewhere I have never been instead of riding the same place all the time. But that is my opinion and you know what they say about opinions.
you do not need mufflers to go north of SR 520 until you get up around SR 46 which is about 40 miles I made the suggestion to not go south of SR 520 because I have quit going that way because the first 45 minutes of the ride is like riding on I-95 until you get down by the oak head (flooded) which is down by lake washington but north is grown up right now and filled with a maze of trails and a few large campin spots with grills I talked with a guy at possum bluff and he was down here because the fwc told him he couldnt run out of 46 without mufflers
Ok again I say, when we went out Friday night we had to yes, run across Lake Washington, we ran the survey trail all the way to the oak head, then we left out of the oak head up the duda fence line, to mockson island (not sure of the spelling), we ran the edge of lake winder into another trail, not very far, to go into Buzzards roost and pontoon camp. The guy that took us said that you can run the trails all the way to Lone Cabbage without getting into the lakes. This guy knows north like the back of his hand. But all the lake running you do it like going the outer edges of Lake Kissimmee.

Right now the water is not flooded but there is alot of water out there because we have had 1 solid week of rain.

The longest time we were in Lake Washington was about 10 minutes to go around the edge, then Lake Winder we were in for about 5 minutes and that was it.

Right now there is alot of trails north of Lake Washington because of the rain. There are alot more trails north than we ever thought there were. It was some nice riding.

North of Lake Washington there are 10 designated campsites between lake Washington and Lake Poinsette.

I apologize I was wrong about Lone Cabbage being in Brevard. My mistake.

Anyway, I am done. You guys make the decision. Again I will say that I made a suggestion because we just rode that area Friday night into Saturday morning. You do not have to come here and ride, I just thought I would put my 2 cents in because of the ramp at Lake Washington is very accessible and there is lots of room to park boats as well as the big pavillion they have there as well as restrooms with showers and all. You can unload dry or you can drop your boat in the water.