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Which oil cooler should i go with?????


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What do you knowledgable aircraft guys suggest i buy for an oil cooler for a GO-300. i was told that the original one won't work for a pusher set up (not for long anyway). thanks in advance guys, always appreciated.
the oil cooler whitebear linked to is Reddfins on a 200hp Liecoming would work fine. I found I like the thicker oil coolers better then the thin ones even though the thin are easyier to find at the local parts store
Goldhunter, what oil cooler are you talking about at the local prts store that would be best? I need to get 1 for my 220/470

John the thin ones you can find at advanced or napa for oil or transmission cooling but even though there wider surface area the ones I have used don't work as good as the big GPU coolers pictured below even the smaller GPU coolers would probably work better for your little motor then the thin ones IMHO

I have seen aircondtioner evaporators used for oil coolers especially the big GM/Harrison units for full sized cars. A lot of them ued 37 degree/jic fittings for tight connections....should be plenty of choices in FL
Here are some oil coolers from aircraft spruce, designed for air cooled engines, the positech 4215 would be plenty for anything under 0-540 in hot climates (or ground level running) cost is $189.00. or type in aircraft spruce in a search and check for yourself. Most any 8 plate (or greater) cooler that is 2.5 inches deep or deeper will do. Experimental aircraft oil coolers will work just as good and cost half the price as FAA approved ones.

Positech Oil Coolers

PosiTech International Incorporated oil coolers are ideal for Experimental aircraft and Light Sport aircraft. Applicable to all Lycoming installations from 4-cylinder O-235 through 6-cylinder IO-540 e...

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08-01285 POSITECH OIL COOLER 4213 EXMPT $164.25
08-01286 POSITECH OIL COOLER 4220 EXMPT $164.25


Aero Classic Oil Coolers

Aero-Classic oil coolers are ideal for experimental aircraft and offer superior performance, lighter weight, and lower cost. In side by side tests, these aluminum plate and fin engine oil coo...

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08-00640 AERO-CLASS OIL COOLER 7 PLATE $233.95
08-00641 AERO-CLASS OIL COOLER 9 PLATE $237.95
08-00642 AERO-CLASS OIL COOLER 10 PLATE $239.95
08-00643 AERO-CLASS OIL COOLER 13 PLATE $261.95
08-00644 AERO-CLASS OIL COOLER 17 PLATE $324.95