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Whirl Wind Propellers - Airboat Sale

Hello everyone! This is Hector from Whirl Wind Propellers.

We have a 10% OFF the Razor X - 6 Blade Airboat propeller. This week only! Oct. 3 - Oct 7. Use code 103MC at checkout.
More than $300 on savings! Killer low price of $2,749.50. Normal retail price is $3,055.


This is the perfect Airboat propeller for the Lycoming 540 and Continental 550!

The Razor blade incorporates Whirl Wind’s Whisper Tip™ technology with its highly tapered profile and an aggressive swept-tip that offers superior performance just like the wings on a fighter jet. This design decreases the propellers drag and noise, thus creating more thrust, and better fuel economy.
Our Carbon fiber composite blade dense weave pattern and Nickle leading edges give these blades an extra tough surface for maximum durability.

To buy now email us at: wwpc@whirlwindpropellers.com or call us at (619)562-3725.
Our propeller dealers can be found here: Where To Buy

Let us know if you guys have any questions and we'll get you an answer!



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