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Who on here has a Red River Airboat?


Hi there. I was wondering who on here has a Red River Airboat. If you can let me know who you are I would like to talk to you. I myself have a 2006 Red River Airboat.
never measured it but its a lil thicker than the sides so i would say its 3/16 and the sides are 1/8
i am still looking for people with red river airboats or people that are having problems with red river if you can post a reply back i would appreciate it very much thanks
I have a red River Airboat and having a second one built the first one is a 16x8 with a sbc 350 and the second one will be 18x8 with a 383 stroker. I Have nothing but great things to say about Bobby and his boats I have posted some pics of my boat and have some closeups of the welds. They all seem to be fine to me I couldn't find any flaws.