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who want's to go frogging


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R. I. P.
Always got a gig on the boat never leave home without it. If there up I am up for it if not it is still good runnin after dark anyways.


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What time are we meeting. I know typically you guys have run pretty early in the past. But I say lets stick a few. Certainly the water will be high enough.


Froggers heading out at dark from the Club ramp?

Can't make the day ride, but I'd like to try and frog with y'all. Just need an approx time.

Never run that area before, so I might need Basket to show me the way back to the ramp. :)


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R. I. P.
Cowboy if no one else waits on you I will but I imagine the ramp at dark is a good start.

so many cats ... so few recipes


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Cowboy, cchardt said sometime around dark. We are not going to go frogging ourselves but we will be out there riding around and watching but he said right about dark or so. We will probably know more later.


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I start gator hunting here 3 days after this run please dont mess with the gators just let me know where the big ones are hangin


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Hey Cowboy,

I'll bring my faithful cat "Radar" to show us the way home!

There is morre than one way to skin a cat! Heard a Nascar driver say it today so it must be true!



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I'd like to run and watch too. I've never been froggin... I suppose it's something like this?...


har har har. :lol:

I'd like to see that, and maybe we'll be goin' froggin soon enough. :)

And Croc1 - We'll get some gator recon for you... I wonder if it's legal to tag them with radio locators for ya. Probably not.


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will be driving suv instead of bus. thanks for offer to park. Would love to go frogging but not to familiar. Do ya'll use gig, grabber or by hand? Never hunted in an airboat. would like some with experiance to take or go with.

If anyone is intrested, reply.


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There are a couple of friends of ours who are going and they know how to frog so. We are going to have fun!!