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Who's coming to Orange Lake this weekend?


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Just trying to get an idea of how many are coming on Saturday nite and for Sunday ride.

Please post if you are.
Well I saw a lot of airboats on Orange this weekend, but I didn't recognize anybody from on here.

I was riding with my friend on his green 13' Lazer with a 4 cyl Lycoming.

I think he broke a piston or the crank. We were cruising along and all the sudden, WHAM WHAM WHAM!!!!! He shut it off quick and we got towed in.

The engine will still crank and run and is not leaking anywhere, but it sure is noisey. Good thing his other boat is almost done.
sorry about your friends engine that never a good thing i was wondering if anybody got pictures of the run out there im from cross creek and im in the navy and im over seas right now and id love to see pictures of home. thanks yall .