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Who's Gonna Ride?

Who's gonna ride?

  • I'll be there.

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  • I'm gonna try hard to be there.

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  • Sorry, I can't make it this time.

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It's probably time to try to figure out how many of us are trying to make it for the Salt Springs run.

I just got my boat running & have two weekends to tweak on it and take a few short runs to see how it does. I'm getting pretty optimistic about my chances of being there.
I'm in the gonna try real hard category Rick.
Looking forward to it, and hope I can be there.
I'm going to try hard to be there I have to see if I get my boat back together and can run it before I go up there I'll only have next weekend to test and tune mine if I get my engine back
Laura and I are going to try REAL HARD to make it. Still have not got our boat together, but I'm thinking that with some luck we'll have it together in a few more days, I'm going to have the mechanic shop next door to my shop tune up the motor. We'll need to trailer it out to someone for a safety check. Is anyone interested in that? Before we took the motor off, it ran pretty good. No mufflers, but long flex pipe going up & out the TOP of the cage. We were surprised at how quiet it is for not having mufflers. I'd like to run it a few times without mufflers so when we do put them on in a month or so, we'll know how effective they are (or not).

How long of a run is it? And most importantly, how "novice friendly" is it? Neither one of us has yet to pilot our own craft, but we've both been aboard airboats several times & both of us have been involved in regular boating for most of our lives. We are both intelligent, enthusiastic, and fast learners. I can hear y'all saying "yikes" right now. :) That outing will probably be our second or third time at the controls of our own airboat. We're counting on advice and guidance from you veterans!

Disaster waiting to happen? You decide and bring your camera! If you think it is too advanced for us, we'll just putt around Mullett Lake Park that day and get more practice.


I'd like to join in on this adventure, as long as there isn't too too much dry stuff to run. But I figure riding and getting stuck is always more fun than just riding. Maybe here in the not so distant future someone will post some directions or a ramp location. Either way, it'll be fun.

just got back it was great check out http://www.saltspringsmarina.com this is where we are gonna put in the dockmaster is a friend his name is Don spoke with him today very airboat friendly water 72 degrees and crystal clear.also went by the lodge hurry they only have a couple of rooms left very nice place airboat friendly and looking forward to us coming. they have a ramp and are on the lake that leads to the lake my camp is on http://www.lakekerrlodge.com I will post more info and pictures as soon as I can. gotta clean up!!
making reservations tomorrow. sounds like a great place. look forward to meeting everyone.

heres the number to another place to stay not as nice lake kerr lodge but its a place with kitchen and AC its just down the street from the kerr lodge 1-352-685-3224 the sportsman lodge

Do ya have any information on Marion countys 90db law that Cntry141iq was mentioning in the "where to go" section of this monthly ride topic.

Measured a couple of boats this past weekend, (muffled boats as well). I failed the 90 db test with my brand new Diamondback that has mufflers!

Would be a shame and probably end the "monthly ride" for a lot of guys, (and gals) when the sound meters come out and the tickets start flying!

Got my room today at Lake Kerr Lodge. She said it was the last one. Hope to meet you folks soon.
Graywolf, I won't be running dry ground alot. COME ON OUT :D Have been to Salt Spings alot camping. The water is great, Nice and cool!
basket sorry I havent got back to ya ! I talked to the dock master and he said they dont bother anybody unless your being real stupid then its just another reason to stop ya they are airboat friendly I saw several airboats at salt springs, ocklawaha river and lake kerr.
how about 10 AM at the salt springs ramp! will this give everyone enough time to get there? I am going Friday anybody else coming early? , cell phones dont work well nextel works a little
Laura and I are going to drive up there Saturday morning. We'll make plans on being there between 8:00 & 8:30 if it's going to be a 10:00 departure time. We like to hang out, watch & learn.

If one of you veterans at this would like to be our contact person, I can trade cell & nextel numbers with you... It could make things easier in case we get lost or something. Or if you find something you forgot to get, and want us to stop at the store for ya.

I'm 158*21507*14 on Nextel and 407-509-7410 on the cell side. I'm not sure who Laura's cell provider is... I'll leave it up to her to give out that info.

Our boat is making progress! Got the cooling system and throttle cable done last night. I still want to take the rudders off and paint them. And none of our gauges are even installed on the boat, much less hooked up.

We are both so excited about getting out and meeting all you guys!

I'll be there Fri. before dark. I only found two places with vacancies. I'm staying at Sportsmans Lodge 352 685 3224. Salt Spring had rooms also 352 685 3330. Both told me they were close to the marina but not on the water. See ya'll there.

mood I wouldnt worry about painting the rudders getting those gauges hooked up is real important looking forward to meetin ya! harvey you are stayin next to the best place in town to eat dinner (Shell crackers) its on SR 314