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Wireless and 2 way Radio Safety Helmets


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We have been building wireless and 2-way radio hardhat systems for Airboat Search and Rescue Teams over this past few year and thought that others might have a interest in them?

The headsets/helmet combo are wired for 2 way radio use and can be upgraded to use 4.0 Bluetooth for Duplex Intercom (4 place) and cell phone service.

Helmet Rated: CE EN 397
Ear Cups Rated: 24dB hearing protection

Fusion Helmet with 2way Radio System - $249
With 4.0 Bluetooth Added - $449

Tested and Certified Dual muff style headset designed to clip into most standard type Hard Hats. Does not include Radio or Coil Cord

Hearing protection 2 way radio hard hat mounted
2-way radio communications hard hat ear cups offer improved employee safety and productivity in a noisy environments. The headset ear cups attach to helmet features 24dB rated hearing protection and a standard 5 pin coil cord connection for a 2-way radio, simplifying communications between working groups (unlimited number of users). Hardhat model can be used with many different 5watt radio which offer up to a range of 5 miles.
• Helmet mount ready
• Light weight
• 24dB rated headset
• Ideal for work team communications in noisy environments
• two-way radio communication (TA 5pin connection)
• Cup-mounted push-to-talk button
• Peltor Style
Additional Information:
• Materials: Headband wire (stainless steel), Two-point fastener (POM), Ear cushion (PVC foil and polyesther foam), Attenuation cushion (Polyether foam), Ear Cups (ABS plastic)


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