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Won't be in the chat tonight



My dad had a heart attack this afternoon. He's in ICU and I can't get in to see him until 8PM. Obviously, I won't be in the chat tonight.

Your prayers would be appreciated

Red! Oh Man! Our thoughts are with you and our prayers are with your dad.

Be strong. Both of you.

Matt & Laura.
Yeah man, sorry to hear that, I hope he is ok. You still got to take him out on your boat when it's done.

My dad came home yesterday.

He got two stints and is doing very well. He still needs two more, but I think he is going to be just fine.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I know they helped.

You all are the best
Your Welcome Red,

I know how it fills to need the prayers. I needed all I could get when I got shoot in the leg Back in Feb. It made me fill better knowing that folk was thinking of me. And agin your welcome, I,ll keep you and your faimly
in my prayers. And I'm glad to here he is doing better.

From the Thomas Faimly to yours.
Praise The Lord RedDwarf :D

We were wondering last couple days but like most I think kept our Faith.

Was he in Shands? N Fl Regional?

No Salt Run, had 4hrs duty Sat am :(


Good to hear your dad's ok!

Sorry you missed the run yesterday.

We were thinking about you and wondering how your dad was.