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Worn out cam and followers (pictures)

Mike Thurman

Well-known member
Here is the cam and followers from a Lycoming 0-320 160hp 4 cylinder. The cam lost two lobes. You can see the two worn out lobes in the right picture. He brought it to me because it would not make full power and had a little miss to it. Other than that it ran fine, or so he thought. Once I took it apart I don't know how it even ran at all. Something for you guys to keep in mind next time you find metal in your filter or it does not spin the rpm,s it used to
I am sure he uses Aeroshell Ashless dispersant oil (red label) in this boat as he does in his other boats. This is the boat his wife drives. He bought it used a while back. This motor has seen better days, but with some new parts he should have another 20 years out of it.
Mike, those are great pictures that illustrate the need to run those Lycomings and to use the Aeroshell plus oil. Lycoming does have a problem with that because the cam is above the crank. I had one like that on one lobe on an A-65 once years ago. So, it isn't just Lycomings. However, I think the problem in both is lack of use which leads to pitting from rust.

Yes, you can get replacement cams and just about any other part for the O-360. I get most of my parts from Aircraft Specialties in Tulsa, OK. Superior airparts are good products as well.
That is one plus I see with the Continentals the cam and lifters are on the bottom of the motor so they have a lot more oil getting to them because more oil falls on them. With the Lycoming the cam and lifters are up high and have less oil splashed on them!