Ya'll Come - KRVSA Airboat Cookout and Party - Sat. July 16,

Daddy Dave

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KRVSA has issued an open invitation to all airboaters to come and enjoy the Kissimmee / Gardner Marsh and to join us for free food (while it lasts) and great times.

KRVSA is the airboater organization that successfully sued and won airboater rights to run the Gardner Marsh.

The party location will be the oak hammock about 1/2 mile north of the Catfish Pond in Gardner Marsh (right where the "r" and the "d" meet on(http://www.southernairboat.com/map.htm)

Free food will be served while it lasts beginning at noon.

Those who stop by will be asked to join KRVSA ($35.) and to buy the winning raffle tickets (5 for $20.) for the Dream Airboat KRVSA will give away at the Lake Kissimmee Cleanup in April of '06. Diamondback / Jurnigan 0-540 / Powershift / Airboat Pros.

Bring your own beverages and have a great time with us. Special Guest appearance by members of Citrus County Airboat Association (CCAA). The group that successfully fought off a move by Citrus County this spring to severely restrict airboat use through an unreasonable noise ordinance
Big Daddy,

Missed you today. Got to meet HarrTFirefighter though and get a belly full of burger and dog! Sure was a lot of people in the hammock. We had a blast but just can't sit still when we're up there in the swamp! Had to ride the marsh while we can, had a blast doing that before barely beating the thunder head back to the ramp!

Thanks for the invite.

Seeya soon.


The party was over when I finally got to the marsh about 5 pm. There were still plenty of airboats there and everyone said the party was the bomb.

Hope you enjoyed yourself, wish I could have been there to welcome you. Maybe next time.