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You all seem to like airboats, shooting and hunting.


This KNife saved my butt one time. I was riding along and found a strand of barbwire hidden in brush. I saw it with just enough time to cut off the engine and coast into the wire. I used the Cutco knife to cut through the barbwire to get it off the airboat before the boat came to a stop. If I would have not seen the wire it would have cut my leg off.
I have never seen a pocket knife cut through barbwire!

It was about $150 but well worth it.

I have cleaned a couple deer with it too, works great.
Pocket knife Case medium Stockman, I have both stainless and low carbon steel and prefer low carbon.
I made these for life in Alaska. Made from the frame rails of a '78 Chevy Suburban using stock removal method. Very utilitarian for moose & caribou. Notice the wire cutting slot on each one too.




Very nice!!! I have many that I will for different times will cleaning/butchering a deer/duck/fish/ anything. I will go from a custom machete to a fillet knife when skinning a deer, and when done, b4 bed all hit a touch up stone to get back right. I also might clean from one to 12 deer in a day, depending when we have our "put the meat on the ground hunt",(does). Last season in one day I had 9 does killed after 4:00 pm. That is a long night put plenty to drink helps. This is one that my brother gave me when I got married. An old man down the road makes them.


Thats one sweet looking knife. I love that blade man. The engraved copper is just right.

Sure did Woodsman. Used full thickness cow hide, the loop stitches were punched then looped in with Wally World Leather Boot laces. The image was burned in, the concho is Elk Horm and the feathers are died Turkey, stitched together with Artificial Sinue.

As for the knives the stocks were drilled and the tangs tapped. Hard to see in the old image, but those are brass screws in the stocks, which are set in JB weld for leveling and filling with no gaps.

I made knives for 18 years then decided to take a break from it for a while but I did manage to make a name for my self in the knife making world I made the knives used in these movies The Abyss,.U.S Navy Seals,Time Bomb,Robo Cop III, G I Jane and The Negotiator. I also made knives for a few celebertys Gov of Georgia,Bo Jackson,Dale Erndhart just before he died and Jeff Foxworthy and I have two knives that are being produced by united cutlery under the Colt name brand that I designed for the East Coast SEAL Teams a Skeletonized utility knife and a short Machete I will post two pictures in my picture galery of one I just recently made for a girlfriend of mine don't know how to post it on this thred.
There are half a dozens guys around me that make knives. Most are making Damascas knives. I had one made for my dad and one for my brother last year and I have a barn full of steel that they use for making the damascas that I am trading for a couple for myself, one to carry abotu the same shape of what I posted and another that I have no idea of what it is going to look like but he said I will want it on a shelf.
It took me a while but once you figure it out, it gets easy.

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Scotty and Sniper your work is beautiful!

Scotty if you decide to make anymore of those sheaths, I would like to purchase one or two if possible....you guys are so talented! I'm impressed!

Sure man, once Im home in January I "THINK" I know where to get leather now. My old source dried up years ago. All I need is the knife or an ACCURATE cardboard cutout and a picture.


Looks really nice man, ya do excellent work.

I suspected their was some blade men around this site, but not the level of talent that has surfaced . I 'm a Cold Steel fan, mostly the carbon v knives. Custom knives are somewhat out of my budget, but the ones you guys posted here are awsome. My son Joseph wants to set up a forge and try making some knives from band saw blades. He wants to know if it's possiable to heat and hammer multipel blades together in a damascus fashion, and then re temper them into a sutiable blade steel. We are both metal fabricaters so we may have most of the tools needed. I told him he could expirement with my torch to see if it would work, but the boy wants a forge!
whitebear checkout http://www.tandyleather.com they have a store in orlando and they ship. they carry everything you would need tools, leather, skins and furs to make any leather product. I got some things there to make with my gator skins.
Thanks Croc1

The folks I knew in Melbourne had a Tandy franchise too, they also bought from other sources . Used to be able to get half or whole hides. Smoked elk, Buffalo, cow, nearly anything that could be tanned.

I'll check out the folks in Orlando.