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Read your post about poly, (being in line for a sheet from Clearwater).
I might need a sheet soon too. How far out is the wait/lead time from them, (and I'm up here by Gainesville so it's a drive for me to get down there) thanks!
I am in North Citrus / South Ocala area

Just ran to StPete last week for a carb and it’s 1/2 a day there and back anymore. Tank of gas
I'll reach out to GTO but my issue is scraping up enough money to even build the boat, every penny counts for me on disability. But you know what...you just made a good point! The cost of gas is prob gonna be more than to have Norm bring it in? Thanks and did they have any of the Gatorback, (or can order still)?
They couldn’t give me a price nor could they tell me exactly what would get delivered.

They had a 20ft sheet in stock of some special airboat poly but the price was so high Elon Musk would shake. I think it was Gator Glide but not sure.

Keith at GTO has been very helpful
Was wondering what you use for gasoline plug sealant and what you use for O-ring lube in gasoline filter system.
Hope you have been on the water.....wife and I told a Mother's Day ride once I found the low pressure fuel pump plug in not connected after I had r & r ed my oil pressure sender unit....Sure wondered what that extra plug was for. LOL
Happly Slidin,
I seen you put a Duramax on airboat.. we are trying to get a 2008 6.6 to work on one.. it’s wired runs perfect,bolted in,water cooled intercooler,1 1/2 x1 century drive 84 inch 4 blade props.. no props runs great,,install props and can’t get off idle just chugs.. need some help.. 7706056075 cell,,text please service at house sucks or call me 8 to 3 tomorrow

So, how do you like it in Geogia? What area are you in? Sally and I have often thought about trying to escape the heat/humidity, crowds, congestion etc of Central Fla and escaping to some place north of here. I would enjoy seeing and feeling the four seasons of the year instead of the few weeks of less than hot Fla winter weather and then right back into summer heat patterns.

Thanks for any feedback.
We love it up here we're outside of Ashburn GA about 17 miles outside of town.Closest neighbors 1.55miles down the dirt rd.Traffic is zero and the only noise is wildlife tractors and a distant train.We got tired of the same things in FL.The only thing I miss is the marsh but I'm gonna check out the big bend area soon.Nobody ever responded with a water level in Gardner marsh you got any idea if the trails have water?
Hello fellow air boaters. I am new to this air boating thing so hopefully you all can help me learn more about them. Not to many air boats her in west central Illinois, Been a marine mechanic for 38 years now and this is my first air boat. I bought a 13ft 03 Hamant with a Lycoming GSO 480. Have had it in the snow but not on the water yet, still froze over here. 3/10/22