• Keeth replied 3 years ago

      Hey A$$hole, you forgot your stuff Took the day off to hit the lake and get some water therapy. Pulled up to the Milk Bus to catch some shade and grab some lunch. Saw trash everywhere I looked and walked. No wonder people dislike airboaters. I spent my time bagging up your sh!t and hauling it away in my boat. Please leave your address so I can dump this SH!T on you Fu#*&N LAWN. Course your lawn probably already looks like a junkyard and you wouldn’t even notice a little more SH!T.

    • everywhere you go anymore! BS!

    • Agree with Keeth & DB! Me and the wife collect a trash bag full every time we ride. NO RESPECT!!

    • It is ridiculous! I always keep an extra bag in my boat just for this crap.

    • I just would like to know where they lived and give them back their stuff and see if they like it or for got it I would happily tell them they are pigs