what yall do for a living

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Re: what yall do for a living

Postby cehurt » Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:00 am

18 years I was a tin knocker, HVAC sheet metal Mech. Retired to follow a dream of working with exotic animals primarily reptiles. Worked for 15 years breeding and selling critters all over the world. Worked with most of the venomous reptiles available and wrote a feature article for Reptile Mag. Trying to get a 2 foot cobra in a 16 oz deli cup will keep you on your toes. Was only bit once by a E. Diamond Back way back in 72. My fault. lol

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Re: what yall do for a living

Postby catchment38 » Sun Sep 04, 2011 12:08 am

Retired, not realy, working on airboats, rebuild and a/c powerplants. I have real good buddies I hunt with in Morgan City.

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