its time to burn some gas

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its time to burn some gas

Postby kmr0290 » Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:03 am

its huntin season again here in south la,time to fire up the boat an go pass a good time at the camp.nothing like some community dark roast by the wood heater when a good norwester is pushin through.hope everyone has a safe,fun hunting season an for all u lucky dads get your son or daughter out in the boat an in the swamp cause our lifestyle is one is born knowing how to catch a snapper,drive an airboat,not go over their hip-boots or set a no.2 victor fur trap.we learned from our dads an grampas lets keep our heritage alive.teach somebody :rebel: :rebel: :rebel: :rebel: both mags on,two pumps,a little rudder wiggle an im gone :rebel:
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