Marion County Fl Airboat Club/FAA Support

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Marion County Fl Airboat Club/FAA Support

Postby HVGator » Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:39 am

Im in the Ocala National Forest, between Ocala and Palatka Fl. Alachua County, just north of us, has just through liberal voting and denial, lost airboat operation from dusk till dawn. If anyone is interested in forming an Airboat Club for the region, please contact the POCs at the bottom of this message. I believe a committed association dedicated to the preservation of public waterways and airboaters rights is paramount to keeping those public waterways clean and open to all watercraft. It happened to Alachua, it will happen to Marion County, as well as other airboating communities if our rights are not voiced to appropriate representatives and committees. My main objective is to support the Florida Airboat Association (FAA) in its efforts to notify FL Congressmen and Representives as well as Florida Wildlife Conservation Officers of our wishes. Secondly, I believe such an association can further the brotherhood and families of airboaters that just like to ride and slide, have picnics, cookouts, airboat rodeos and sanctioned, safe races. If you are an airboater within the Ocala, Gainesville, Astor, Palatka or other nearby area, please call myself or Mr David Chastain for intent to form an alliance against further restricting airboating laws. If you, we, and others do not act now to notify lawfully elected officals, I believe our rights to operate our blow boats will be restricted by the wishes of the multitude of biased voters within our district. It appears some voters are destined to obtain their assumed low noise rights, thus taking away the rights of other tax-paying residents. It happened to Alachua County and will happen to us too if we do not act now. Please copy and forward this notice to every airboater you know. I strongly encourage other airboaters that live in a region where there is no other Airboating Club to form one, or join one that currently exists, that focuses on the primary goal of supporting the FAA in its endeavors. Even if you are active in an Airboat Club, please stand up at the next meeting and demand a vote of confidence to support the FAA. If you, we, do not do this, we will lose our right to operate blow boats as we currently do. I am offering, if supported by others within the community, to chair, for a 90 day period, the responsibility seat for the formation of this Association, election of officers, and publishing a Rules/BiLaws document that will govern our actions. Act now, put forward your manhood, or forever hold your peace when the rules of those oppossed to your rights vote all your airboating rights away. I, and Mr Chastain, have served tours of combat on foreign soil to protect the American way, and the freedom of speech. I hope no one takes anything stated in the above text as anything other than American Airboater free speach. If you want your right and freedoms to deminish, remain quiet. If you want your rights and freedoms to remain as prescribed by the constituition of the US, seek and join an Airboat Club of your choice within an area that allows you to be an active member or officer.

FAA Officers or Members of other Airboating Clubs: Please contact us with direction and guidance so that we might support the Airboating coummunity's goals. This will be a new club start up and all input from other clubs and associations will be welcomed.

Norm Boutwell
14465 NE 204th St, Ft McCoy, Fl 32134
352 546-4375

David Chastain
Ft McCoy, Fl 32134
352 685 3083
13 ft Cottonmouth, Ford 351W DD, 2 blade NGH. Bunches of recycled parts.

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