Quackcephus Hunt Update /// How Was Your Day?

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Quackcephus Hunt Update /// How Was Your Day?

Postby KC5AKB » Sun Sep 05, 2010 3:04 am

Talked to him Just after sundown. He is out there and got a double first two shots he said today was good . Lots of birds and good friends to share the hunt with .Now its time to kill some LONE STAR and chill out as the stars come out on a clear night in Texas . For those who want to know yes the Lone Star Beer Is Very Cold After A Long Day Out In The Field.

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Re: Quackcephus Hunt Update /// How Was Your Day?

Postby Quackcephus » Sun Sep 05, 2010 4:45 pm

That cold front that blew through really made it nice... NE wind somewhere around 10-15 mph. We hardly saw any Mourning Doves, but we "JACKED UP" some White Wings. The first mornin' I shot 9 doves in the first 30 minutes or so & had to stay a little past 11:00 am to finish.
On the second mornin' I had 6 in my pile by 7:45 or so, scratched out another 5 by 9:00 am & had my limit by 10:30 am. There were a lot fewer doves today than yesterday & a lot fewer than we've ever seen on our place... they're just not there. I went for a ride yesterday evening & didn't see many on the power lines or anyone else out hunting. I guess we'll need a few more cold fronts to push 'em down from the Mid-West. :twisted:


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