Form letter to send Reps

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Form letter to send Reps

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Dear representative,
I am writing this email to express my concern over the threat of further government restrictions on our 2nd amendment rights. The 2nd amendment is very clear and straight forward. It makes no mention of license or restriction being permitted. The government already infringes on the rights of law abiding citizens and the administration is working to take it further?
This is a slippery slope and one I don’t believe will end well for any politician or the citizens of the United States. The current administration believes government control is the way to fix everything and that is wrong. The current state of our economy and huge deficit is a great example of that. Just like the “assault weapon ban” prior it will do nothing to prevent gun violence. The root of gun violence stems from the person carrying out the act, not in the method they use to carry out their heinous crimes. The best solution is empowering citizens to protect themselves from such people. Firearm restrictions will only serve to empower criminals.
I am deeply annoyed by the prospect of restrictions and gun control from a government that is unwilling to understand that gun ownership is one thing that empowers the citizens of the United States to defend their homes, their families and serves as a check and balance from a tyrannical government. That is why it is built in to the architecture of our country just like other measures to ensure division of power.
I will support any politician’s efforts to protect our 2nd amendment rights from further erosion and urge my friends, family and members of my community to do the same.

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