A remington story.

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A remington story.

Postby R L Williams » Thu Mar 19, 2015 12:25 am

My neighbor had been telling me about his dads Browning that had killed a lot of ducks and deer for many years, his dad don't hunt now so he brought the gun home to put in his safe.
I had just bought and redone a 1914 model eleven trap, straight stock, (pawn shop special, damaged mag tube, wrong for-end, different barrel), so his looked similar, I did not need it, I just had to rescue the old girl.
He brought the gun down to show me his dads Browning, it did not have safety screws on the shell lift screws, I told him it is a Remington, not a Browning, I ran the serial #, guess what , it is a 1910 Remington automatic, made before they were called model elevens, (1911).
A hundred and four years, still shooting well, will last another hundred!
It looked like a Browning, so that's what they called it.
A5's are John Moses Browning's works of art in machined steel.
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Re: A remington story.

Postby Huntingwithahoyt » Thu Mar 19, 2015 7:10 am

First deer I ever killed was with one of those old boys...Remington made on the Browning patent....my dad had it for years, looked rough and he finally had it "remodeled" and it looked great....lol he also had a polychoke put on it....seems like it had about a 30 inch barrel
Thinking back about it....new technology has come a long ways......
Thanks RL for triggering a great memory....

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