Beginner prop/hp question

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Beginner prop/hp question

Post by Garrett0742 »

I am fairly new to airboating and I have been reading some of these posts and think I am goin to be running into some problems. I have a 18x8 trailboss and currently rebuilding it. The cage I have was built for a max of 74" prop. My engine is a 454 bored over .30 and is running close to 600hp. I was goin to run a 2.1 reduction. The boat is really heavy and I don't think that 74" is enough prop to push my boat like I want. So should I just sell my cage and rebuild a bigger one so I can run a bigger prop? Or should I look into gettin a wide 74" 3-4 blade?
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Re: Beginner prop/hp question

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you can always go to more blades (3-4) the trick is your motor an reduction are only going to spin so much of a prop , try what you have first then that will help you decide how much more prop you can swing or want to swing

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