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Re: Gyroscopic load change while doing 360's

Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:19 pm
by Afflicted
Olf Art wrote:
Lwells wrote:I have the most hours in a 12-e Hiller and I loved that old machine for it was a workhorse and you could blow a cylinder off it and still had enough power to go somewhere and land safely full of fuel and maxed out. If your familiar with a german BO-105p twin engine copter we should have one in the hanger at Okeechobee before long and I'd be glad to pm you so you could come see it, maybe fly it when it gets here.
The Hiller with the Franklin engines? Wow. If Franklin had been able to keep everybody in repair parts (not a derogatory comment .... Franklins were great engines. You could replace a cylinder without splitting the engine case) they'd still be around today.

I'm not able to fly one any longer because of my health, but if I can I'd really like to see it. Thanks!
Olf I know nothing about plane engines but after reading your post I did a little research and apparently u can buy new Franklin engines?
A 235ci 4 cylinder and a 350ci 6 cylinder. Just throwing that out there incase u were interested

Re: Gyroscopic load change while doing 360's

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 1:39 am
by Whitebear
Franklins lay with no manufacturing activity for several decades, then I believe in the mid 80s or 90s an outfit in Poland bought them out. Apparently they must still be kicking or sold to someone else who is still around.

Re: Gyroscopic load change while doing 360's

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 1:59 am
by Olf Art
Bear, now seriously .... would you want a Polish aircraft engine? :lol: :lol:
There could be some old inventory, still packed in crates and cosmolene somewhere though. That would be way cool to find. That's probably like my dream of finding another cache of those old stock 455 Buick crate motors or a bunch of 400 SBC's still in the crates. :)

Re: Gyroscopic load change while doing 360's

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:58 am
by Whitebear
I know but it is true. Check this out. Read baout all the hands that had been in this pot and where the engines have been used.......Tucker Cars? WOW !

"The Franklin Engine Company was an American manufacturer of aircraft engines. Its designs were used primarily in the civilian market, both in fixed wing and helicopter designs. It was briefly directed towards automobile engines as part of the Tucker Car Corporation, returning to aviation when that company failed. The company was later purchased by the Government of Poland."

".......producing helicopter and airplane engines. Several aircraft carried its engines, including the Aero-Flight Streak, Bartlett Zephyr, Bell 47, Bellanca Cruisair, Brantly B-1, Goodyear Duck, H-23 Raven, Hiller 360, Piper J-3F Cub, Seibel S-4, Sikorsky S-52, Stinson Voyager, Taylorcraft 15, Temco TE-1B, and the YT-35 Buckaroo."

More here worth knowing:

The company is now called Franklin Aircraft Engines with the address ul. Chelminska 208 in 86-300 Grudziadz city in Poland. The website is at
Just checked this and the link is no longer hosted.

I did find this in an undated search link. This may be the same outfit with a US Office of the new owner liquidating assets, who knows. Don't see much else relevant but I will have time later to do some more checking.

I called their phone number and the mail box is full, please try again later. At least the phone is still connected somewhere. I fired off an email for better phone and contact information. The email did not bounce back so there is someone somewhere who knows more about Franklin. Just need to ferret out the contact info.

Here is the best I can find related to the business phone listed at the above site, if anyone else wants to follow up on it. ... CO/ht61waa