0320 h2ad prop

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0320 h2ad prop

Postby fishnhunt80 » Tue Feb 21, 2017 7:48 pm

10ft hull with o320h2ad whats a good prop for this set up single driver single passenger

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Re: 0320 h2ad prop

Postby h2admike » Fri May 05, 2017 3:03 pm

I run a whisper tip narrow 68" but look at qhat people are running on their 180 boats they turn the same props

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Re: 0320 h2ad prop

Postby Deano » Fri May 05, 2017 6:22 pm

68" Water Walker Cypress Series

Call Andrew @ 863-676-7767 . . . he can hook you up.

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Re: 0320 h2ad prop

Postby diamondback0320 » Fri May 05, 2017 7:26 pm

x2 on the ww Cypress blades 68in.. it's what I run on my 11.6 diamondback with a h2ad..go any place i want!

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Re: 0320 h2ad prop

Postby digginfool » Fri May 05, 2017 7:39 pm

I had a 68" Q with my H2AD. Good push but fell on it's face up top.

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Re: 0320 h2ad prop

Postby kwanjangnihm » Fri May 05, 2017 7:53 pm

Water Walker Cypress
2 Blade 66 inch is for 150 HP = 75 HP per blade @ 66 inch
2 Blade 68 inch is for 175 HP = 87.5 HP per blade @ 68 inch
2 Blade 70 inch is for 200 HP = 100 HP per blade @ 70 inch
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Eddie Beano
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Re: 0320 h2ad prop

Postby Eddie Beano » Tue May 09, 2017 3:14 pm

I run a 66 inch sensnich H series.... no complains all around.

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Re: 0320 h2ad prop

Postby jopete » Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:33 pm

I ran a 68'' water walker cypress series prop on my H2AD powered boat. it was snappy and eliminated torque roll.
previous prop was a wider blade that had crazy top end, but no snap and lots of torque roll, especially in deep water.

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Re: 0320 h2ad prop

Postby Dneedham45 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:27 pm

I run a cypress 68 inch on my 12 ft river master hull have a lycoming h2ad freshly rebuilt this summer. Goes almost everywhere I need it to go top end speed is about 45mph at 2700 rpm

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Re: 0320 h2ad prop

Postby WhirlWind Propellers » Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:23 pm

Hi fishnhunt80 ,

I'm sure you have purchased a propeller by now, and you did get all excellent suggestions here on SA for propeller options and choices.

For an O-320 4-Cyl aircraft engine I would recommend the following propeller options.

The 3-blade Excalibur in 66" to 70" diameter is the top choice for these engines to gain max thrust while not compromising on the light-weight, quick snap of the skinnier blade options (such as the Razor X). The Excalibur blade design was developed specifically for 4-cyl aircraft engine's power and operating RPMs. This allows for the perfect 3-blade propeller sized just right for a 4-cyl using the wider 5.5" Excalibur with its exclusive X-Core™ composite technology and military grade leading edge protection for performance and durability.

The other option would be the tried and true standard wide blade option using the 2-blade Whisper Tip Narrow in 66" to 70" diameter (for an O-320, I'd recommend 68" diameter).

Best to you!


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Re: 0320 h2ad prop

Postby SeatCover » Fri Mar 02, 2018 8:11 am

^^^^ Patti knows her stuff. On a 10ft hull I would go as small as a 66" but a 68 would probably be the best bet so you have a good compromise of push and speed. Maybe. You just have to see what works for you and your boat. my O-320 angle valve conversion is swinging a 72" whisper tip narrow on the b mark (12.5 deg) at 2800 and goes anywhere I want but my cruise rpm isn't the best. So I would like to try a 68" and see what it does. All I can say is I bet it won't run the hill with 4 people anymore.
12' Cut Gilleo, Angle Valve 0-320, 72" Whisper Tip. Goes wherever I point it. :florida:

Gary S
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Re: 0320 h2ad prop

Postby Gary S » Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:25 am

Patti is right on. I let a Excalibur go on a 10'6" with a 160. I kept a Q running a 160 on a 11" boat. The Excalibur is a much better prop and I regret not keeping it..

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Re: 0320 h2ad prop

Postby kbeahan » Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:37 pm

:florida: I have an old school aluminum grasshopper with a fresh 160. Turning a 68 whisper tip, goes anywhere nice cruz. I'm happy. Single seat stainless rigging.

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Re: 0320 h2ad prop

Postby gso480jr » Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:30 pm

Water Walker Cypress, no regrets.

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