Thanks to all who came on the ride.

This one's over, but you can still read about it here.
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Thanks to all who came on the ride.

Postby cowboy » Tue Jun 28, 2005 7:15 pm

I really enjoyed doing this ride, and I'd recommend trying it to any interested S/A Member.

It was cool meeting all you folks.

Fatboy showed up at the meet and greet. It was cool meeting him, and he was heading home with a new geardrive, and rudders he'd just picked up earlier that day. Hoping next time I go on one of these rides, he'll be running his new parts.

Unclebubba and crew were there with the boat on the ground, and ready to go when I got there. Real nice family, and had a great time airboating, and breaking bread with them. Wish they coulda frogged with us. Next time for sure.

Team Basketcase showed up in force! They had a real nice boat, and an even nicer family. I think they had a great time, and I'd ride with them again the next chance I get.

Cntry141iq showed up and had to do a little tune-up. That's part of airboating. The members were teasing him about it, but I was hoping that he would'nt wind up towing all our tails back to the landing. That's how those teasing things usually backfire on you. Great guy, and Gal. Strong running boat. Look forward to riding with them again sometime.

We also had Packrat, and woodspussy with us on this ride. That's my dad, and brother.

Rick and his family were at the landing when I got there. It was sure good to meet them, and awfull hard to leave them at the landing. Great folks, and I can't wait to go on one of these rides, when Rick gets his boat, and family in the marsh. He was fishing his kicker boat last weekend, and I hope they all enjoyed Okeechobee.

All in all I am pleased with how it turned out.
I think we all had plenty of fun.


We headed out frogging right at dark, and could'nt find a darn thing. The water was way up on the lake, and I think it had the croakers way up in the grass. The only thing that made me feel better was that I was not the only one to get skunked on finding the frogs.

Except for Team Basketcase!

That's the winning frog there! How about that!
I think it's just perfect. Thanks team Basketcase for riding with us, and that goes the same for everyone else too.


Here is one of the winners of the Airboat World Magazine Subscription Certificates. Cnrty141iq won the other, most everyone got an ABW magazine hat. Thanks to ABW, Rick and family, we had more prizes than we had boats.

Thanks again to all that came, gave prizes, and just stopped by to visit at the landing.

Maybe next time the frogs will be with us as well.

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