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Post by dblj006 »

The Big Lake isn't really that bad. You see some but not that much.
Even Margaret Whiddon Park, public access land where you can mud-ride,
doesn't get that bad.

This past Monday they had crews(20 or more) totally cleaning the rim
canals in the Lakeport area. They were removing dead trees, trash, whatever from that area of the Lake.

Then again it's not the big picnic party area that the Kiss. chain is
it's all water, no place to stop.

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Post by basketcase0302 »


I think the trash barrells are a good idea. I remember seeing how the barrell's were installed at the Oak Head on the St. Johns or somewhere else last year. A little work but well worth it. Thought there was a pic here somewhere but can't find it :cry:

Two 4 X 4's planted in the ground, attached to the top of the barrell. This enables the barrell to be swiveled for emptying, (lot less work for those helping with the cleanup would be good).

I can't help much with materials but give me a couple weeks notice on when and I'm sure Ms Wizard and myself will be there to help with the "sweat equity" to install.

Locations to include: the milk bus, the oak head, polluted waters, the ridge and BS hill? I remember the grills at the oak head, but were there cans there also?



Post by Ted »

The littering is only going to get worse, more people. Now we have ATVS trashing the river way worse than the boaters and common fisherman. I see two problems with the laws open container and there is no incentive to do the right thing and bring your trash home. If you cant enforce the current laws you wont enforce new ones so hit the beer bottles and cans (all) with some type of deposit.
The problem with putting trash cans out like the Oak Head is no one tries to take any thing with them. They leave all there garbage there but in in a pile until the first boat pulls out.

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Post by GatorChaser »

I said this in another thread, and I'm not pointing fingers but, as long as the water stays down I notice more trash than ever. I believe trash cans are good but, getting them dumped is a problem because they fill up so fast and it also takes away the responsibility of everyone takeing there trash with them. I carry trash bags on my boat and everything goes in the bag. I don't care if it's Beer cans or soda cans it all goes in the bag and it goes to the house with me.

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Post by Olf Art »

I keep a heavy trash bag in an old duffle bag ..... the empties go in there. If you're stopped they're not likely to ask about the contents of something as personal as a duffle bag, if you know what I mean .....

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Post by Waterthunder »

We are about to do another Oak Head clean up. Beleive it or not during a Oak Head clean up about 6 years ago. We collected over 16 bags of trash near the end of the day a well known prominent air boater pulled up and while we were still cleaning up and he just tossed out a beer can and stated no cans left in my boat I aint getting a DUI. I didn't even get to say anything because everybody was all over him. He is the idiot that we all must suffer for!

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Post by Ted »

Let us know when your doing the oak Trees, was there Saturday in friends boat. My boats getting a new cage. The roof out there needs some repair.

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Post by jdotson »

There have been many times when the front hatch on my boat becomes a trash can for several boats around me. I don't mind and it isn't much hassle to clean it out after each trip.

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