Some Texans still pushing for wade paddle pole areas.

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Some Texans still pushing for wade paddle pole areas.

Post by rost495 »

posted this in the TX forum as it affects us mostly, but thought I'd copy it to here, just to show they work at this stuff in all states evidently. I often wonder if they still ride horses to work too....

Sent this to our email list, and have made the comments there too, we've seen the call from TPW for comments, and I"ve already made more than a few comments via emails, which I"ll assume everyone else has done also.

Below is a blip from the folks that want LIFAs, IE no motor zones period... if the first emails RE comments didn't wake you up, this certainly should. TPW inferred that LIFAs were a dead issue to us at the public comments meeting in August, this would lead you to believe that they have actually made progress with TPW in the meantime. As I"ve noted we can't sleep and WPP has not been sleeping either.

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Texas Wade Paddle & Pole Members and Supporters,

We hope youre having a great fall season and finding time to get out on the water. Its been awhile since our last newsletter, so we would like to update you on a few recent developments.

Texas Parks & Wildlife is proposing to expand their seagrass protection efforts on the Texas Coast, and we are in full support of this initiative. However, there will be no change to the status quo unless our individual members take a moment to submit public comment. We urge you to read the following and take appropriate ACTION where called for.

Formal Proposal for the JFK Causeway State Scientific Area

TP&W has brought forth a proposal to create a new State Scientific Area (SSA), similar to the existing Redfish Bay State Scientific Area. The new 15,500 acre SSA, if passed, will be located in the Upper Laguna Madre, near the JFK Causeway Bridge, southeast of Corpus Christi. Its main purpose is for the protection of seagrass beds in this area.

For details and a location map please click here.

We are in full support of this proposal and we will voice our position statement at the publicly held scoping meetings. We hope our members will take the short time necessary to send in an affirmative vote for this proposal. TP&W reads and counts these comment and submissions. It is important to be heard.


Submit your comments by clicking this link:

Comment online until 5 p.m. Jan. 24, 2012

Sample Comment:

I SUPPORT the proposal for the creation of the JFK Causeway State Scientific Area. This is an important step towards providing adequate protection for valuable seagrass beds in a highly trafficked area. Thank you for registering my affirmative vote for this proposal.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Public Scoping Meeting Schedule"

If you wish to comment publicly on the JFK Causeway SSA proposal, here are the dates and locations for the Public Scoping Meetings:

Nov. 30, Dickinson Marine Lab 1502 FM 517 East, Dickinson, Texas 77539

Dec. 1, Bass Pro Shops 17907 IH-10 West San Antonio, TX 78257

Dec. 5, Natural Resources Center, Room 1003 Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, 6300 Ocean Drive Corpus Christi, TX 78412

Dec.13, Holiday Inn North Padre Island 15202 Windward Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78418

Dec. 14, Port Isabel Community Center 213 Yturria, Port Isabel, TX 78578

Dec. 15, TPWD Headquarters, Commission Hearing Room, 4200 Smith School Road, Austin, TX 78744

Pending Proposal for a Low Impact Fishing Area (LIFA)

TP&W has indicated that they will soon present a formal LIFA proposal. At this point they have not indicated a location, size, or boundaries for a possible LIFA.

We do not know at this point how TP&W will interpret or define a LIFA, but here is how we have presented the concept on our website:

We will alert you if/when a formal LIFA proposal is presented by TP&W.


Support TPW efforts to finalize and present a formal LIFA proposal.

Please send an email to

Sample Comment:

I SUPPORT the establishment of Low Impact Fishing Areas (LIFA) in areas of Texas inland coastal waters which are highly pressured, highly trafficked, and highly impacted. A LIFA will serve as a managerial experiment to reduce resource impacts, fishery & wildlife disturbance, safety concerns and user conflicts.

A LIFA will help to provide more equitable use of a shared public resource.

We Need Your Voice!

Numbers do count and we need your help to present a substantial and unified voice on these important issues that will define the future health of our shallow water fishery on the Texas Coast.

Please tell your friends, family, and co-workers about Texas Wade Paddle & Pole, and encourage them to join. Here is a sample email that we hope you will use to help us spread the word.

Dear _________________,

Im a supporter of the angling organization, Texas Wade Paddle & Pole. This group is providing a voice for Texas shallow water anglers seeking to:

· Minimize damage to our coastal habitat.

· Develop methods for all users to share those resources equitably.

· Reduce unnecessary pressures and impacts upon the fishery.

· Address safety concerns in highly utilized areas.

Heres a link to their website. The membership is FREE and I hope youll sign up and spread the word to others.


We appreciate your support and hope youll contact us with any questions, thoughts or comments.

Best regards,

Texas Wade Paddle & Pole Advisory Board

Tosh Brown
Aldo Dyer
Ben Frishman
Foard Houston
Will Myers
George Strickhausen IV
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Re: Some Texans still pushing for wade paddle pole areas.

Post by MarshRider »

Thanks, Jeff.

Folks, this is the same group that we had to stop last year.
They will not quit.

If anyone out there can attend any of the scoping meetings --please do
if not, we all need to write letters of protest just like we did last year.
HOWEVER, we need to write to the correct address and not copy the wade, paddle, pole

That senator, Estes, will be back in the legislature you can be sure
but if this area gets approved before then - he will twist that determination
into more reason to shut down the Brazos.

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