Torsion Axle

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Torsion Axle

Post by undicided »

My axle is bowed down in the center. It's causing my tires to wear heavily on the inside due to the toe being to far out on the bottom. Any know how to correct this?

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Re: Torsion Axle

Post by scrambletown »

if we knew where you where it would help.
if your near ocala take it to CLIFF at b.s. trailers in reddick.
the axles are bent to lign them, like ford truck I beams.
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Re: Torsion Axle

Post by Crazy Frog »

Just a note...some of the older torsion axle's are not good for salt water, it will seep in the ends and cause failure! I'm with Scramble...Cliff defiantly knows his stuff!

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Re: Torsion Axle

Post by jinotown »

By the description, it sounds like the housing has weakened or the axle is a little too light for the trailer. The housing should not flex. They are only designed to torsional flex internally so there is no toe in or out. You could try attaching some type of brace to the center of the housing if it is not already bent too much.
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