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Re: Need Help 2A Now

Post by kwanjangnihm »

digginfool wrote:
SWAMPHUNTER45 wrote:Diggin is there any effort to diagnosis the cause of the defect?

It is a Whirlwind hub assembly right? Are they interested in examining the defective component?

By chance was this one of the prop set up's that runs staggered pitch?
I'm not going to hazard a guess as to why this happened. However, I was not running a staggered pitch, nothing hit the prop and nothing was loose. I've already spoke with the manufacturer and arrangements are being made to get the whole prop and all the hardware to them to analyze what may have happened. We spoke at length about the event and issues leading up to it but I will leave the final analysis to them. Once I receive it, I will share at that time. Not trying to be a hardass but want to be fair to the manufacturer. They are being very cooperative and they deserve their time.
Diggin any updates on your prop?? :dontknow:
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Re: Need Help 2A Now

Post by digginfool »

The manufacturer received the prop Wednesday afternoon and they started to look at it yesterday. I'm expecting to hear from them later today.
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Re: Need Help 2A Now

Post by Dirtman »

Diggin you are to be commended on how you are handling this it seems nowadays too many are all to willing to jump to conclusions and start raving about something they don't have all the info on. Look forward to hearing what they find to be the cause if it is something that can be pinned down
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Re: Need Help 2A Now

Post by Gary S »

Greg have you put a dial indicator on your prop flange?

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