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Green machine
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Post by Green machine »

Recently got a 16 x 8 floral city airboat used. Just curious very little rudder movement to turn right. left is better, is this a common trait
Steering cable seems to be fine no slack. Just doesn't seem to me it has enough travel
Thanks for any input

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Re: Steering

Post by OneBFC »

Not normal. I would personally not operate the vessel until corrected.

Be safe.
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Re: Steering


Was it a factory built boat or a hull someone finished them selves? Based on prop direction a boat will turn stronger in one direction and some builders have compensated for that but it is typically not as much as you describe.

If they are running teleflex cable the mounting pad geometry at the rudders may be of or the cable slipped at the stick. If you center the rudders and measure the throw (cable movement) how much deviation are you seeing? When the rudders are straight your cable throw should allow near equal measurements left and right. Something is not correct as stated prior, never operate with steering in question. Get it looked at.

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Re: Steering

Post by JAMES »

Center the rudders Measure each end of the cable make sure is the same adjust accordingly Wp383 268 rotator 3 bld WT/EX 14.4 perdator

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Rick McC.
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Re: Steering

Post by Rick McC. »

When my Dad had our boat built 12 years ago, it came with a cable that didn’t have near enough travel either way, though one side was a little better than the other.

I told him that he needed to insist that they change it out for a different style cable.

They did, and the steering’s been much better ever since.

It sounds like you’re boat has one of “those.” If so, the only fix will be to replace it with one with more travel.
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Re: Steering

Post by Alvinlee1915 »

OneBFC wrote:Not normal. I would personally not operate the vessel until corrected.

Be safe.
What he said. Had the same problem. Use some wheel bearing grease or some kind of other grease to lubricate so maybe you can get your rudders right. I wouldn't run it unless you fix it.

terrible ted
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Re: Steering

Post by terrible ted »

Is anything hitting or blocking the motion.

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