Lycoming 0290 prop

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Lycoming 0290 prop

Post by jb96 »

I have a lycoming O-290 with a 68in 5 blade warp on it. It needs a little more bottom end what would be a good recommend pitch on it? I understand it’s a low horse power engine and there are better props out there but it’s what I got so if I could just get recommended pitch settings for this prop or something close to the prop I have that would be appreciated thanks

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Re: Lycoming 0290 prop

Post by Gary S »

Sounds like a lot of prop for a 0290. Even flattened out I don't know if you have enough HP to turn it.You might be able to shorten blades. I understand the this is what I have. Maybe you can look into a trade somewhere.

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Re: Lycoming 0290 prop

Post by Deano »

I have a 290 that runs amazingly well with plain ol 68x34 woodie.
It was redone with 435 A/V cylinders so it may be a little stronger than otherwise.

I would confidently say that a plain ol 68x32 or a 66x34 would perform better than your current prop ever has a chance to.
I know that isn't what you were hoping to hear, but it is the unvarnished truth. That engine and prop are just a bad combo.

You simply lack the power to turn the warp at a pitch that is efficient. The ways to combat that situation are to decrease
blade count and/or loose diameter. Unfortunately, both of those tactics are counter to gaining the low end push you seek.

I can't give you any better advice than what Gary already has. You're best bet would be to trade out of the situation you're
in. There may be a guy with a different engine that has the prop you need that would view your warp drive as an upgrade.
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Re: Lycoming 0290 prop

Post by fishonhenson »

I had a 60x40 on my old 290, could turn it 3100

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