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Re: Unloading airboat

Post by aherr520 »

I use my winch on the trailer, my dad made a cable about 12 ft long I want to say with a pulley in the middle and hooks at each end. The pully also has a hook and I hook it to the cross member under the bow of the boat and one hook goes on the bow eye, the last hook goes onto my winch so easy to get my boat off no slamming the brakes and jerking everything
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Re: Unloading airboat

Post by IceRider »

Bought a 1000 Island Airboat in 2017, Their trailers have rollers and a reverse winch, made it pretty darn slick and work the $$. here is a video https://youtu.be/Hz4ByU3KNF8

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Re: Unloading airboat

Post by sarros2004 »

I tried Polly on mine, felt it added to much friction and was difficult to get off. I switched to carpeted bunks, and sprayed them down with silicone. Slides pretty easy now jamming the brakes in reverse. Cannot just ush it off by hand. Dry loading is not an issue. My trailer is a drop axle with roller bunks on the rear. Trailer sits very low.

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