Alternative hulls for airboats

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Alternative hulls for airboats

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Hey there I’m fairly new to air boating and live in the Carolinas. Due to the amount of saltwater up here and the sometimes rough water conditions I feel that the typical fiberglass airboat hill just isn’t cutting it. Has anyone ever experimented with mounting to a heavier flat bottom skiff type hull and if so what we’re the results? Any alternative ideas are appreciated.

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Re: Alternative hulls for airboats

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I run mine in deep and shallow saltwater all the time.
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Re: Alternative hulls for airboats


We run the Gulf as well, you just need to be weather conscious. If your wanting to make crossings of open water with 3ft seas an airboat is not going to be the tool.

The Texas boys run a lot of open area they use big hulls and a deck over design would really add to the safety factor.

Over the years I have seen everything from Jon boats to a big center console rigged out with air prop power. None ever perform as well as a good airboat hull.

Hope it helps

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Re: Alternative hulls for airboats

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good advice from Rick & Swamp - us AC guys are not into the alternative stuff :lol:
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Re: Alternative hulls for airboats

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Airboats are banned East of the Fresh/Saltwater line in S. Carolina, so this only applies to N. Carolina in general.

I can't imagine a Carolina Skiff hull with an airprop working better for anything vs. the same hull with an outboard or the same prop and an airboat hull. If it is too rough for an airboat, I damn sure don't want to be caught out in it with a top heavy pig of a skiff without enough power.

2 miles from shore and the wind picks up on me, I'll take my old 15 Hp Johnson and a wide blade prop vs. whatever is pushing the wind.

Along the lower Mississippi river etc. I see a lot of Bass Boat style rigs with a Rotax para-glider style prop/cage on the rear. They use them to idle around on airpower for bow hunting, but it don't hold a candle to that 250 Hp + outboard for getting there and back.
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