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airboat ban on lake conroe texas

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2007 11:21 pm
by mudkat
We just found out in the last few days that they are banning airboats on lake conroe,A warning on the first offense and a hefty fine and possible confiscation of your boat for a second offense.the game warden that was giving out the tickets said it was decided in a closed door meeting.
What is really crap it is a regulation for our public hunting land regulations ,they are just now after it has been in effect for 9 years are going to enforce.I've been doing a lot of investigation into the regulations and I really think it only applies to people in the act of hunting such as duck hunter,but I;m not sure.
This could start a really bad trend here in applies if we don't get this settled most of our lakes are in wildlife management area's

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 4:30 pm
by NC
Is this going to be for all WMA's or just the one on lake Conroe?

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 5:11 pm
by shiggs
I had a big scrap with the TXPWD when they issued me tickets on choke canyon for no public lands hunting permit and operating my airboat in a WMA. Their website specifically stated that the lake was not part of the WMA. Went round and round getting different stories depending on who in the agency you talked to. The warden that wrote the ticket said you could run airboats on the lake to bowfish or whatever just not to duck hunt. Makes no sense if the ticket is running an airboat in a WMA. They did get their website changed, but I was forced to fight the ticket in the courts. It is still up in the air as we have had no trial as requested and it has been over two years. So much for your right to a speedy trial.


Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 5:24 pm
by mudkat
that is the same law they are using on conroe.this law really needs to be clarified one way or the can hunting regulations be used against fishermen.

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 5:31 pm
by Guest
Hope you guys pool together, hire an experienced boating lawyer & fight this. If you lose, it sets a precedent for more closures.
Good luck.

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 5:37 pm
by lil_armond
That's nothing new it has been like that for a while. The GW out there is basically a D*#K and is using a national forest law as his basis for writing citations. Talk to Crowhater about this he knows first hand about this bullsh#*........

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2007 7:36 am
by huntingjman73
Choke Canyon is an issue, I am from San Antonio and I wanted to hunt ducks there. I have had different answers depending on who you ask. Please keep us informed

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 9:24 pm
by MarshRider
Sounds like you're just getting a taste of what we've been battling a long time in FL.

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