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Re: Important

Post by Birdslayer86 »

34 and never voted and was never even registered to vote until July when I had to renew my license

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Re: Important

Post by Gladesman06 »

Tue Nov 03, 2020 7:11 pm
You FLORIDA boys better get your ass out there and vote. Rumor is you guys will decide who wins👍
That's exactly what we did Fishsticker. It was just called TRUMP won FLORIDA and it isn't even 9pm yet!! 🇺🇲🇺🇲

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Re: Important


Good job guys. We apparently need more airboats in the north.

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Re: Important

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Re: Important

Post by kwanjangnihm »

did the country just make a hard LEFT turn? wtf!! :scratch:
He'll cut your throat, baby, stick you in the back, drive off in your Cadillac.
He's more trouble than you think, he'll kill your sugar, leave you in the drink.

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Re: Important

Post by Scotty1 »

:rebel: yep left turn and then it sunk straight to the bottom , I am so disappointed in this country, I just hope they can find some evidence but they had 4 years to set it all up and it went off as planned. The next election democrats vote 2weeks ahead and we get there results then the Republicans can vote . What you think sounds good to me :rebel:

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