California airboats?

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California airboats?

Post by TOMKLU »

Why don't I see airboats in California?


Airboats in California

Post by Guest »

They are there . . . you just aren't looking.
You will find airboats from Florida to Alaska and from Maine to Oregon.
The reason that there are more airboats in the South is because airboats originated in the South - Florida in particular.


Post by TOMKLU »

Could someone direct me to a club or airboaters out here in the San Diego area.
Also, a few questions from a rookie thats never been in one. How do the boats handle in wakes form other boats or choppy water? What are the limitations of an airboat?


California Airboats

Post by Mongo »

I live near Santa Rosa CA and I have a 14 foot 1984 Hurricane with a 0540 but it's tricky to drive and on my fifth time out I flipped it. :shock: It worked great in the shallows but I was in the Sacramento delta on July 3rd and was turning in deep water. There were lots of boats that weekend and I hit a wake and went over. It took a beating and I had to get a new prop, Whirlwind Stump Puller. I almost have it back together again and now I'll be more cautious and spend more time getting used to driving it. Probably going to buy an 18 footer from American.

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Post by Airboatcapt2 »

Do we have any other new members in California? I know we are getting more boats there every year. I try to let all my customers know about this site.

Just wondering.
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Re: runnin my panther on the Sacramento River. Any other airboats up here?

Post by Sac airboat rat »

Airboatcapt2 wrote:Do we have any other new members in California? I know we are getting more boats there every year. I try to let all my customers know about this site.

Just wondering.
Hi Faron. Mark culp here. I finally got an airboat. Runnin it on the Sacramento River. Tim bryson has been helping me out. He stopped by my house while in California. Was good to see him. Visited him in Nebraska bout 6 years ago. This airboat has changed my life. Way to much fun.

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Re: California airboats?

Post by Sniper »

There is a guy on here thats got one with an LS motor in it he's a duck hunter he hunts along the Mexican border big marsh area where he hunts be careful with that boat they are a lot different than a regular boat, if you decide you want to get some professional training let me know
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Re: California airboats?

Post by Aeon »

I'm the ls guy in California :)

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Re: California airboats?

Post by Theehunt1 »

I've got a 14' 350 powered Combie in Central Ca.

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