Marshbunny going on the ride?

This one's over, but you can still read about it here.
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Marshbunny going on the ride?

Post by cowboy »

Hope you can attend this ride.
Let us know if you can, and we'll make sure there a place on one of the boats for you.

Hope to see you in the marsh

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Post by SwampMatt »

Marshbunny is the person who turned me on to the Southern Airboats website. So I sent a note to her telling about the run in her back yard. Judging from the number of spare seats I saw on the last run, and knowing there'll probably be even more boats on this run, I think she'd have no problem at all finding a seat for her and for Judy (if Judy comes too).

M.b. - Laura and I are looking forward to meeting you!


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Post by rick »

Marshbunny - I'm also hoping to meet you & Judy there. I've been visiting Marshbunny Notes for a long time and really enjoy reading your stories.

Hope to see ya'll there.

PS: Don't forget the lemon wedges.

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Sounds like fun!

Post by marshbunny »

This sounds like a whole lot of fun! I'll charge up the battery on my camera and be there!


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