Cheap riverfront real estate in Citrus County.

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Re: Cheap riverfront real estate in Citrus County.

Postby akblackdawg » Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:05 pm

TheElevatorGuy wrote:TheElevatorGuy wrote:

akblackdawg wrote:

Half of the people in florida are Obama lovers, and no, I would not register to vote there. Maybe Tony480 could help me find a nice airboat, I would need a expert to help me choose one. Maybe even Tony480 would be interested in going in as a partner with me for a vacation home. Bud

Hey, elevator guy, I'm trying to have fun with this a little, I'm sure you even know a few dems and most likely have a few dem friends. Political jokes are one thing, i'd just as soon not get into a bunch of nasties over something like this. While buying a winter home in florida would be a nice dream for me, really enjoyed our vacation there a couple years ago, it is a bit beyond my financial means. You have a good day. Bud

I'm sure if you cry hard enough to your Obama that he will give you a house and a boat as a welcoming gift.........

The above is a PM from this guy :angry5: I'm fuming at the moment and trying to keep this clean.......I know plenty of Dems, from the one taking up space in the white house and running this country into the ground, to the one that paid for his groceries with his food stamp card in Publix tonight in front of me.......they are both WORTHLESS.....................and friends with a Dem, NO NO NO, never, not going to happen................first of all, for me to even associate personally with you, you can't even show any sigh of being a Dem...........and I'm really good at snuffing them out because you all stink....................I'm sick and tired of laying out my hard earned money for taxes just for the head Dem to give it to all of the idiots that think they are entitled to just to clarify your theory of me being friends with a Dem, it's not going to happen :usa:

Jeez, after that rant, I wonder if you would help out a airboater in distress withouth checking his voter registration card. You are a real piece of work my friend. Hope you sleep well at night. Bud
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Re: Cheap riverfront real estate in Citrus County.

Postby Whitebear » Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:30 pm

I really can't find much to recommend either of the two main parties. Of course, being libertarian, we want to take over the world then leave you alone.

Just don't let it get into bashing or personal attacks guys. The politics is outside the Topic of this Thread anyway. :lol:
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Re: Cheap riverfront real estate in Citrus County.

Postby TheElevatorGuy » Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:33 pm

Helping out a fellow airboater and being friends with a Dem, as you stated earlier, are two different things.............I have repaired, towed, refloated, jump started, brought fuel and or parts out, ect. to many fellow airboaters...............

Besides, all the Obama loving Dems down here don't have airboats because they can't use their EBT card to by one :slap:

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Re: Cheap riverfront real estate in Citrus County.

Postby Tomo » Fri Feb 14, 2014 8:31 am

junglecat wrote:
Tomo wrote:I live on the Withlacoochee river and with a flood elevation certificate my flood ins is only $430 a year. That's less than insuring the boat :shock: So I guess even if it doubled or tripled it would not be out of this world. Will have to see once they fix it. :roll: Flood insurance is of course a government handout, the only one I have ever been able to get though.....

What someone else has been paying and what you will have to pay after purchase are totally different. The house we were looking at was on the Crystal River , current owners pay less than 2k property tax , about the same for insurance and about the same for flood. They have owned it for over 35 years. Checked with property appraisers office , guesstimate 6 to 6.5k for property taxes , and if same formula as current owner , looking at 20k for taxes,insurance and flood per year. Citrus County lost 20% of their tax revenue when Duke closed nuke plant and refused to pay what county was assessing them in taxes. They have sued each other. The county is going to find new tax money somewhere. Feds will assess their flood insurance based on the county's appraised value.

If your looking on the Crystal River I am sure the property value is way over what I paid for mine on the Withlacoochee which yes affects insurance and taxes etc. For my situation without the flood elevation cert. mine was going to be almost 3k. With the cert dropped it down to under $400 and that was 4 years ago. It is now around $430 a year. Of course my house value is only around 160K. Due diligence is of the utmost importance when buying new property. One thing now though most house values are below what most originally paid so in our case recently taxes have been less then the previous owner. They will just increase the mill rate to get revenue up as most values are still sluggish. Good luck on your property searching!!
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Re: Cheap riverfront real estate in Citrus County.

Postby cemcphs » Tue Feb 18, 2014 12:01 am

I have a home on the Wakulla River (near St Marks, Fl ) and the flood insurance went from $1,900 to $3,700 at renewal.
The reason for the huge change was that it is NOT my primary home and they rate it differently.
I passed on the renewal. I am now self insured.
My Primary Home (on the water in S. Florida renewed for $600., same limits as the home on Wakulla River.

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