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Re: Duck Gun

Post by gbstrike »

I just bought the Benelli SBE 2. I thought the price was good, its what I call mid range price, not 500 and not 2500. Its also inertia driven and not gas operated. The gun FITS me so its a pleasure to shoot. I always shot Remingtons or Winchestors, sometimes got a bruised face or shoulder was in pain. I shoot all duck season and tune up at the range before. If you want a good entry level go with the Remingtom 1187. You dont need to go to Bass pro you can buy them at WalMart and save 150 bucks. Its only a gun, it wont matter to much if you dunk it if you take 15 minutes when you get home to clean it. I never have had one not fire because it was well used and ugly as long as the gun was taken care of. Get what you like, everyone will tell you their gun is better than what you buy no matter what you get.
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Re: Duck Gun

Post by Whitebear »

Them old Market Guns (punt guns) are what we maybe should be using in Afghanistan.
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Re: Duck Gun

Post by Hambone79 »

Boat gun 870 or a mosberg both imo are reliable my personal boat gun is a 870 synthetic

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Re: Duck Gun

Post by Olf Art »

cntry141iq wrote:what brand it is matters maybe to reliability ... I used to work in a gunsmith shop and every used gun we took in trade I took out snipe shooting. I was looking for one that fit while I was trying to figure out what I wanted to build me. The gun being "like pointing your finger" is a direct resultof a proper fit of the stocks to your body. The drop and length are what makes it. Shooting snipe /woodcocks they are fast and squirrley and if you have to do anything except throw it up and shoot .. you will miss them. I know of very few people who can emulate the experience by simply throwing up a gun in a shop but you can come close. ... just a thought
Maybe the best advice on this thread. Find a gun (forget brand, reputation, price) that will come to your shoulder like it was made for you and you'll be a better shooter. I used to trap shoot a lot years ago. One evening I'd just gotten off work and knew they were shooting out at the range so I went out there on my way home. Didn't have a gun in the truck. I popped a beer, talked to a few boys, and somebody said they wanted to get up a 'hundred' round ...... five shooters, $20 bucks each, five shots to a man, playoff 'til one is left to get the $100.

An older man that I knew and I loved to watch shoot was there and he told me that if I wanted in I could use his old Charles Daly. I'd never even held that gun before. Won that hundred like it was the easiest thing I'd ever done. Just like pointing my finger and droppin' that bird. Fit is 90% of it IMO.
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Re: Duck Gun

Post by RJ »

Anywhere there is a raghead we should be using .ukes before they use them on us.

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Re: Duck Gun

Post by gjm777 »

You should get a Browning Maxxus because in my opion (I got one) its way better than the bennellis and its lightweight and has some great features.

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Re: Duck Gun

Post by hunter12 »

When it comes down to it ive learned you have to have a.diffetent shotgun for every application... Duck hunting is a remington 870 or nova where you can throw it in the boat get rust on it and slam down the pump amd still get another shell in it...... Dove hunting is a nice semi auto.... Quail is over and under..... Skeet is another setup.... Short barrel Turkey gun.... a tactical shotgun... And of course a nice featherlight 20ga for the kids and woman to shoot.... Thats my excuses...

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Re: Duck Gun

Post by fl cracker »

I have the Benelli Nova and it is a reliable Gun at a fair price. I think they are only around $450 for new and it works great for duck and Thunder chicken. I also have the cheap Charles daly auto from wally world which is surprisingly awesome for $300. No Failers to feed or eject!
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