Fishing up a story

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Fishing up a story

Post by newoldglory »

Not sure what this will be so;
(fishing up a story) for classification in the forum.
I did a luncheon for a family today that lives in Palm Beach AND New York alternately. Three children. Quiet, polite, respectfull, the picture of what the American familly should be. Wanted nothing special, no whimms or whines, did not exspect to be treated as BETTER. They accepted my meager meal gracefully and with respect. I am pleased to have had them for lunch at Old Glory.
Sometimes I get down because I don't have quit enough to make ends meet. I occationally think that I got cheated out of something in life. I''ve been known to think that I let myself and others down, but life doesn't come with instructions when we're born. (The paper work would only complicate the birth). Any time I get that weak I look around me and see others that have far less than I and ten times the problems. I can talk myself up or down. It's like the ants, they take one step at a time, one grain of sand at a time and build a perfect ant hill. The difference is that they don't think about what they are doing, instinct drives them to acheive their goals. they don't have a brain to complicate their lives but we do so we have to use that brain to guide us to our goals in life.
I was not influenced by the Palm Beach'ers life style or money, I was very impressed that they did not look down on my lifestyle but was impressed with my simple way of life. They could see that I have something that they cannot have at any price.

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Re: Fishing up a story

Post by woundedwarrior09 »

Good for you gerald, you have something that many people would love to have and thats a fact. I hope to come out and see you soon and bring my boys to hang out for the weekend my little one Lane says he misses pulling the britches off those frogs. I will call ya soon bud.

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Re: Fishing up a story

Post by Cowboy Rock »

Gerald,,, You are a very lucky man, in my eyes,,, You have things at your finger tips that cannot be bought at any price,,,

And you live a life that I would love to be able to live,,,

But you do more, I am always reading where you went way beyond the bounds to help someone,,,

Or expecting help from someone, and winding up just doing it by yourself,,,

The world would be a safer and better place if there were more people like you,,,

In my eyes, you my friend, are a a great American,,,

Slide safe,,,

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Re: Fishing up a story

Post by Top-Cat »

Gerald, The Platt's were so amazed by all! Kids and parents had a great time and really got a nice taste of the Everglades. And thanks to Blackwater Airboat Tours ( Jason & Christi ) for the amazing tour ! For me.... I almost made it to camp (about a mile short ) when my motor died . I did see the Platt's as Jason came bye and talked. Many other airboats stopped by to help, but I was a long way out from the hill. After about 3 hours came Bill Archer with his bad a$$ monster. Was able to tie a line and tow my ( on plane ) back to the hill ! I want to thank everyone for all the help !!! A big HELL YA ! to y'all.

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