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Python Medicine

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Published on Jun 8, 2017
Burmese Python Snake Shot While Attacking A Goat - Grandfather in Florida tries to save his Goat
This is the moment a Florida grandfather shot dead a 12-foot snake as it strangled one of his goats.
Scott Dame, 63, opened fire on the Burmese python after his 10-year-old grandson found it around 200 yards from his house wrapped around the young female goat.
Dame's first shot managed to uncoil the snake but it took several before it died. The goat had already been strangled.
Dame, who owns Dame Pest Solutions, filmed the incident and his granddaughter shared footage of it on social media.
The family were at her grandfather's house when her 10-year-old cousin came running in from outside to say he had found the missing goat but that it was being attacked.
Dame grabbed his gun and followed the boy outside. He fired eight shots in total, following the snake as it attempted to slither away after the first round.

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Re: Python Medicine

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ty for sharing brother jeff i would have done the same thing.well seeings how the kids and family members we're visting perfect time for GYROS wouldn't say.lmfao!!! :thumbleft: :toothy7: :rebel:
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Re: Python Medicine

Post by cowboy »

Good thing it was a goat and not one of the grandkids.

Thanks for finding this video

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Re: Python Medicine

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Using a firearm. A second way is to shoot the snake in the head with a firearm, being sure to use a safe but effective caliber and making sure that you destroy the snake’s brain. The bullet must be placed in the same area as the captive bolt. To target the correct area, draw an imaginary line from the rear left of the head to the right eye, and then draw another line from the rear right of the head to the left eye. The intersection of these lines is your target.

Decapitating the python. Although not the recommended method of euthanizing pythons, cranial concussion (stunning) by skilled personnel followed by decapitation is considered an acceptable method of euthanizing large snakes by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) if immediately followed by brain destruction. Use a machete or other appropriately sharp tool. The tool selected should be capable of decapitating the snake as efficiently as possible. Keep in mind if you choose this method, you must quickly follow up by destroying the brain with the use of a firearm, captive bolt or other effective method such as pithing.

Regardless of the technique you choose, make sure your technique results in immediate loss of consciousness and destruction of the Burmese python’s brain.

Why are these measures necessary? The central nervous system of a python (and all reptiles) is tolerant to low oxygen and low blood pressure conditions (AVMA 2007) and so the brain of a python can remain active for up to an hour even after decapitation, thus allowing the snake to experience pain (Barten 1994). Because the goal is to minimize the snake’s suffering, the brain should be quickly destroyed. Nerve reflexes can cause muscle twitches for hours after death in the snake’s trunk and jaws (Ernst and Zug 1996). ... -protocol/

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Re: Python Medicine

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I sure would hate for that snake to feel pain for a hour after I chopped his head off.

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