Government set to expand federal red snapper season!

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Government set to expand federal red snapper season!

Postby kwanjangnihm » Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:04 am ... per-season

PANAMA CITY — As early as this weekend, recreational anglers could be back to fishing for red snapper in federal waters.

In the wake of outcry following the historically short three day red snapper season, the Department of Commerce has struck a deal with the Gulf States to extend the season to 39 days, according to a press release issued by Rep. Neal Dunn. The state of Florida agreed to trade weekday fishing days and a fall season in state waters for additional days in federal waters over the summer.

The four other Gulf states made similar tradeoffs.

Critics of the three day season, such as Dunn, are heralding the trade as “common sense.”

“A three-day season was absurd, and was not consistent with the health and sustainability of the stock. Today’s announcement restores some sanity to the federal red snapper season. We pressed Washington for an expanded season and Washington listened,” Dr. Dunn said in a press release. “This decision provides relief this season while we work to fix what’s broken in recreational management of the Red Snapper fishery.”
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