Dick's Shifts

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Dick's Shifts

Post by kwanjangnihm »

Dick’s Sporting Goods Shifts From Guns Even as Sales Suffer

https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/12/busi ... ntrol.html

Dick’s Sporting Goods, one of the largest firearms retailers in the United States, is moving further away from selling guns, even as the shift takes a toll on its earnings.

On Tuesday, Dick’s said that it would strip firearms and other hunting products from 125 of its stores and replace the merchandise with batting cages, ski apparel and other sports gear.
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Re: Dick's Shifts

Post by AirHog »


They certainly live up to their name....

Never spend a dime in there again after they destroyed AR’s last time.... sadly I used them in the past never again.

We have to “vote” with our dollars
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Re: Dick's Shifts

Post by Mossy Cypress »

X2 used to occasionally shop there but will never walk in the place ever again, Richard's is nothing special anyway.

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Re: Dick's Shifts

Post by lilly-Pad »

agreed I will never spend a dime in that shit pit and will bad mouth them every chance I get
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Re: Dick's Shifts

Post by Keeth1123 »

I found Academy Sporting goods through all this. Academy is waaaay better than Dicks ever was

Gary S
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Re: Dick's Shifts

Post by Gary S »

Sounds like Dicks is trying to take sports authority's place. Good role model.

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