Aircraft wires or automotive wires???

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Aircraft wires or automotive wires???

Post by Scrapman123 »

Hey guys I was just wondering if I should use these aircraft wires I got
Or if I should use the automotive wires? All the boats I see on here
Have automotive wires, why? Why not use aircraft wires on an aircraft engine?
What do the auto wires do better than the aircraft?
I was just wondering cause I got a set of wires
For each mag for free and I was wondering which ones
I should use.
If you ain't running aircraft you ain't got nothin.

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Re: Aircraft wires or automotive wires???

Post by AirRanger »

I run aircraft in mine for now but my spark plugs are like new still. When the plugs need replacing I will most likley convert to automotive wires like everyone else because aircraft plugs are around $20.00 each (X 12). I will use them again if I find a good price on them they are very secure.

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Re: Aircraft wires or automotive wires???

Post by GMAC 76 »

i am using aircraft wires and plugs on my 200lyc the complete wiring harness was not that expensive ( but i only needed 8 wires)and that lets me use the unision rem37by extended tip plug which really puts the spark down in the cyl and has now lasted me 5yrs. with periodic cleaning plus the wires have no corrosion any where and never have leaked moisture thru the cap or the plug connection but like air ranger said all this is at a price

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Re: Aircraft wires or automotive wires???

Post by rbjscott »

Aircraft wires reduce the available voltage at the plugs. Aircraft wires are only for radio suppression. Aircraft plugs do not An advantage over auto plugs. If you have them, run them.
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Re: Aircraft wires or automotive wires???

Post by mrfixit »

I beleave you have to use solid core wires on aircraft mags insted of the carbon core wires used on most automobiles.

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Re: Aircraft wires or automotive wires???

Post by lorick »

For sure what Fixit said.

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Re: Aircraft wires or automotive wires???

Post by catchment38 »

Keep your A/C wires, I've had mine on my 180 lyc for over 20 yrs. Only changed my plugs one time. Rebuilt mags once and I swear you wou't have any proublems. I also run slick mags witch can be rebuilt. All I can say, If your eng. manufactor wanted car plugs in your eng. they would have done so.

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