Need mags for C-65 or C-85

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Need mags for C-65 or C-85

Post by ebwayllc »

I have a c65 with bad mags full of water. I need to make sure the engine runs before having them rebuild any suggestions on how to do that or does anyone have one i could rent or use to make sure it runs.

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John Fenner
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Re: Need mags for C-65 or C-85

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What type mags? Open them up and clean them with a strong degreaser to get the rust and grime out, blow them out real well and dry, retime and reassemble them, then open up and polish the points with a fine wire wheel to get the corrosion off them, set them and try firing them on the bench, if they fire run the engine with them, then overhaul the mags with new parts or replace them.
I would hope they are Bendix mags.
I never finish anyth,,,.

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Re: Need mags for C-65 or C-85

Post by JimC »

Continental never made a C-65.
Do you mean A-65?

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Re: Need mags for C-65 or C-85

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well gee the last time i checked it jas to have spark to even run

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