Heat shrouds??

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Heat shrouds??

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I have a IO 520 and was warndeing if anyone has used a heat shroud or cowling how much do they bring down the oil temp? Mine runs at 185 normally
afraid that when I really need to run the hill for long periods of time its going to get to 220 really fast and have to shut if off to cool down.

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Re: Heat shrouds??

Post by CAPTAIN-D »

I have a Lycoming 0360 200 with a shroud . My cylinder heads runn 350 degrees . The oil temp when running at cruse RPS is around 180 degrees.When I have to run rough stuff and keep my foot in it my oil temp will rise to 195 degrees, the head temp stays at 350 degrees.Before I installed the shroud the temps were much higher.Since I installed the shroud I had to rap my oil cooler with aluminum tape to bring the oil temp up.Without the tape my oil temps were not high enough to evaporate moisture out of the engine.Hope this helps.

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