0320 H2AD Mag problem! HELP!!!

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0320 H2AD Mag problem! HELP!!!

Post by johnwathey »

Ok let me start from the top. Of course being an H series it has the siamese mag. Heres the problem. Took the ole boat out last week put it in the water and the damn thing wouldnt fire off for nothing, I have had this happen once before so, I didnt think too much of it must have gotten wet. No problem I took it home dryed the mag out and still nothing. Boat ran great the last time it was out. So I assummed I didnt get it dryed out well enough. I let it sit for a week with the cover off to dry completely! Put the cover back on yesterday and finnally got it fired up. My little engine always fired right up 2 revolutions at the most. Now its turning over 20 to 30 times missing popping and cracking but can get it fired up, also still turning the same rpm as usual. Took it for a ride runs ok but not quite right! Shut it off on the lake and wouldnt you know it wont start for nothing. So I loosened the mag while turning it over I moved the mag counterclock wise about and inch and it fired right up. Now it runs like she always did strong no hesitation or missing. Now to the question is it possile my mag jump a tooth or something. I just dont understand why I had to move the mag been in the same spot since built but now runs like crap in that position. The engine has 145 hours on it, just doesnt make sense!!! I'm not a mechanic by no means more of a parts swapper than anything else. Thanks, John
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Re: 0320 H2AD Mag problem! HELP!!!

Post by twister69z »

Is it a impulse mag? I would recommend pulling the magneto and having it inspected,they are not difficult to work on. They have their quirks but are pretty straightforward . If you pull it ,send it to me or any other knowledgeable mechanic. It can be repaired.
I believe your coupling spring is broken.
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Re: 0320 H2AD Mag problem! HELP!!!

Post by Olf Art »

Take it to Speed Wheelie. He lives right there in Lake Wales. :?
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Re: 0320 H2AD Mag problem! HELP!!!

Post by Deano »


You couldn't be in a better place to have that kind of problem.

Get with Speed Wheelie. (Tom Jeffords) 863.956.3030
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Re: 0320 H2AD Mag problem! HELP!!!

Post by radialman66 »

Those mags have the condensors in top half of housing. Will not start or will run rough if top half of mag is not got a good contact to bottom half. Corrosion forms between two halfs and causes poor connection. Split mag in half and clean mating surfaces or run a jumper wire from lower half of mag to top half to insure good contact. When you rotated mag you may have just caused better contact by handling.
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Re: 0320 H2AD Mag problem! HELP!!!

Post by Thunder200 »

Not Sure how it happened but one of my sets of points welded itself together and wasn't opening up to fire. Replaced with new ones and set the gap and no more problems. Same motor and Mag

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Re: 0320 H2AD Mag problem! HELP!!!

Post by Wind Blown »

Speed Wheelie done mine awhile back and no more problems.
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Re: 0320 H2AD Mag problem! HELP!!!

Post by TIGO541 »

I had the same issue with my H2AD. Brought it to Howard Libersky when he was still alive, he rebuilt the mag and never had another problem. Thats the only problem i ever had with that motor and i put 100hrs on it in a year. Great dang motors,strong as hell and great on fuel! Wish i never got rid of it
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Re: 0320 H2AD Mag problem! HELP!!!

Post by g1moore1 »

Olf Art wrote:Take it to Speed Wheelie. He lives right there in Lake Wales. :?

He's in Lake Alfred/Winter Haven across from the winter haven airport now.
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